Because of Covid-19 the Cable Wakeboard Council decided not to host any normal “On-Site international Events” in the Moment.

We do not want to push anybody to travel at the moment.

But most of the cable around the world are running and “the show must go on”. 🙂

Some counties are already allowed to organize national competitions!

So we decided to offer a new series of international “Non-Location Based Online Competitions”!

We are giving you a task and you can train, film and upload it until a certain upload deadline.

Judges will review, judge, and score it! Based on the competition type and results we will upload international ranking points!

We started to promote this already on our Facebook and Instagram Channel two weeks ago and we are writing to you now to inform you that the first upload deadline is coming soon!

Video upload Deadline: SAT 1.8.2020 23.00 CET!

Score & Judge Deadline and Final Results: 19 Hours later: SUN 2.8.2020 19.00 CET!

Task 1:

Best 540 Kicker Trick

Link to the Battle und Details:

Open Ladies:

Open Men:

We want to come up with battles that are possible on every cable around the world! You can do them on two towers or on a full-size cable!

With the first 10 Battles of the international 1STAR Series, we want to come up with a 50/50 Balance of inverts and Funpark/ Feature tricks!

The level of trick will be not so high,…. to make the difference you have to come up with style, hight, grabs, and special ideas,… but please stay always on the safe side and never risk your health!

We start with Open Category and want to create more age categories in the future in case we have a lot of uploads from you! So please send us your best 540 over a kicker! It could be also a video you already have from the past!

How to compete?

  1. Join with your profile on to the competition:
  2. Create your Battle Now Profile with your same real full Name on Battle Now:
  3. Train, Film, Cut, and upload your video on Facebook, YouTube, YouKu, or Vimeo!
  4. Join on Battle Now to your Battle in Open Ladies or Open Men no matter what age you are and put in your Video Link!
  5. Ready! We will review your Video, judge, score it, and will finally upload your ranking points!

Have fun and enjoy!

This Battle is free of charge!

You just need to be a member of your national club and federation. Please make sure, that your club and federation booked your international rider license!

In case you want to create your own national Battle at your cable or with your federation just feel

free to create your own comp or series at Battle Now!

Have fun!

In case of any questions, please contact