IWWF Cablewakeboard League

Online kicker 540 contest |  win: 100 international points -One Star Int – 100 ranking points.

Who can compete?: open category only (everybody can join) / Wakeboard only


In the first battle of the IWWF Wakeboard League, it is up to the kicker!
Show us your best 540 spin. No flip or one-footed tricks should be part of the trick, otherwise, you can get creative. Heelside, toeside, frontside, backside, with grab, without grab, off-axis, rewind but not more than 540 degrees in total!
Show us what you can do!

The deadline for uploading the video is Saturday, August 1st at 11.0 p.m. 

Afterward, judges will upload their scores until Sunday 7 p.m.  So the winner of the battle will be determined at 7 p.m. Sunday, August 2nd! Please Follow series rules, otherwise, your footage could be disqualified!


COMPETITION LINK: http://myzone.cablewakeboard.net/en/116/?sub=6&comp=2200