Lotus Wake Park, Kaohsiung, Taiwan will host the inaugural Asia & Oceania Confederation Championship on the 22nd to 25th October. Having hosted the World Games in 2009, Lotus Wake Park is the ideal location to host such a historic event. Lotus Wake Park offers you wakeboarding in a worldwide unique location. The natural fresh water lake is surrounded by various Taoist Dragon & Tiger, Buddhist and Confucian temples providing you the best wakeboarding shots ever. You will fall in love with the people and life in Taiwan. Kaohsiung offers you biggest night market experiences in South Asia, unique landscapes, features of mountain, sea, river and rich culture, an overall exotic and unforgettable wakeboarding experiences. Kaohsiung, the second biggest city in Taiwan is a sunny harbor city where you will enjoy pleasant weather the year-round.

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Congratulations to Dominik Gührs Julia Rick for taking the top spots. Full results on the competition page.

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Competition page  


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