cablewakeboard.net is a website dedicated to one of the most appealing boardsports ever.

We represent the European Cable Wakeboard Council (ECWC) and the Cable Wakeboard World Council (CWWC) in cooperation with the International Cableway Association (ICA) along several partners who support us.

So, what to expect from this site?

Not only do we cover the official announcements of the council and events like the World Championships, the Europeans Championships and the European Tour. We provide you with all the news and stories about Cable Wakeboarding. We cover everything about Cableways, Rider, Competitions, Camps, Seminars and much more.

But wait, as if that’s not enough we will give you the opportunity to register on our site, get a rider profile and register for competitions online! Without having to fill out the same stuff all over again. Ain’t that awesome?

So, any Goals with this site?

For sure we have a goal. It’s pretty simple, we want to communicate and represent this wonderful sportthe way it deserves and we want to link between Riders, Cables, Officials and Fans for a better understanding of each other and Cable Wakeboarding in general.

Of course we will constantly improve our website and want your feedback. Although we have some really great ideas for upcoming features and goodies, we would appreciate your feedback on this site and how we could improve your experience on cablewakeboard.net

Feel free to tell us your ideas!