Becoming an Official

So you want to become an official? Well you have come to the right place. Here you can find information on qualifications and events and also any documents you will need for seminars or competitions.


If you are a rider you will find taking a judging seminar invaluable to your competition performance. If you have ever wondered why your run didn’t score as highly as you thought it should have the seminar will answer your questions. The seminar will teach you how to score tricks and how runs should be composed. Officiating is also a great thing to do while you are injured or if you are just looking for something more to do at competitions.
If you are not a rider but love the sport then we encourage you to qualify too. There are a whole host of responsibilities we need people for and becoming an official is a fun and rewarding way to give back to the sport.

Below is a link to all the documents to help you on your way to becoming an Official



2022 IWWF World Rule Book V8 – Cable Wakeboard

What will I learn?

From 2023 We are making it mandatory to complete an Online Theoretical test before you can attend a seminar, this is to ensure a certain level of knowledge of the participants prior to attending the seminar.

A typical seminar usually consists of the following:

  • Introduction: Why is it important to become an Official? IWWF Structures; Officials’ levels
  • Organizing a competition: Crew for the competition
  • Before the competition: Chief judge duties, Safety, Time table, Heat system
  • During the competition: How do we judge? / judging system, Overview of the trick list,
  • Grabs, Slider, tricks, Short cut and signs, Overview of the rules, Changes to the rules, Protests, Video analysis
  • Scoring the Competition: Scoring System and Program
  • After the competition: Results, Paperwork
  • Practical exercise /Video/ Questions, Examination theoretical, Examination practical, individual evaluation, announcement of results

Seminar Documents

Can be found here.

You don’t have to print the documents, printed copies will be handed to you during program, but please study and prepare so we can devote more time to the video sessions and practice.


We run an international program of seminars, all of which are listed here. For more information please keep an eye on the latest news and events or talk to you National Federation.
There are lots of different levels and qualifications you can achieve but the best place to start is on a national grass roots seminar. Here you will be able to find out about the full range of qualifications and which ones suit you.

Who are the officials?

Officials are all CWWC or Confederation Council members and all persons working in the organization of the sport part for an event. They are nominated by CWWC or a Confederation Council and include: Chief Judge and Chief Scorer, IWWF delegates, judges, scorers, assistants, jetty marshals, officeholders, competition director. At big events there are more officials with different tasks for coordination: registrations, doping control, cable security, obstacles, safety, TV production, team captains’ coordinator etc.

Organization of Officials seminars is up to CWWC and each Confederation. National Federations can grant levels up to ***(3 stars). Higher levels are in responsibility of CWWC or the respective Confederation.

Progress can be made only one level at a time. In certain cases for outstanding candidates, exceptions can be allowed. However, never for levels higher then *** (3 stars).

Reducing levels – for **** and higher: If a judge in the past two seasons hasn’t judged at an international event or national championships, or hasn’t passed the official exam for the appropriate level, his level will be reduced by one.

Due to the fast development of the sport, all Officials have to take part at one seminar in 4 years, regardless of the experience in the given period.

You can find out more in the CWWC Officials – Roles and duties document in the documents section.