Register for a Competition


  • Inclusion in the world and national rankings.
  • Competition organisation support.
  • Use of our qualified judges and officials.
  • Use of our globally accepted rules.
  • Being part of something bigger and the Olympic bid.
  • Access to the World’s largest number of active cable competition riders.


Please have a look at our competition planning calendar for a full overview of the year, but as a basic guide please avoid weekends with large international competitions or other sporting events. Obviously this will depend on the type of event you are registering as for a small national event this may not be a concern. For the largest international events with prize money we will endeavor to make sure that there are no clashing events within reason that weekend.

Competitions for less than 60-80 riders can be easily managed in a day depending on the format used, and we normally recommend running the official training and registration on the Friday afternoon.

Please contact us for our annual calendar with recommendations of suitable weekends.

Competition Types

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It is also possible to register unranked competitions to benefit from the sporting and organisation experience of the IWWF. These events will be supported in the same way as ranked competitions but riders will receive no ranking points for competing. This is suitable for small fun competition, invitation only competition and ‘show’ competitions. Please contact us for more information.

For more information and costings please request our competition contracts and competition overviews.

Registering with National Federations & IWWF

The International Waterski and Wakeboard Federation is the international body responsible for Barefoot, Cableski, Cable Wakeboard, Disabled, Racing, Tournament & Wakeboard Boat. The IWWF have been recognised by the International Olympic Committee since 1967 and Cable Wakeboard is currently shortlisted for inclusion in the 2020 Olympic Games.

The IWWF is split into 3 confederations who care for Europe & Africa (E&A), Pan America (PANAM) and Asian & Australian (AAO).

Within the IWWF there are discipline councils who care for their sport, the Cable Wakeboard World Council (CWWC) oversee Cable Wakeboard at a world level. Below this there are 3 confederation councils for Cable Wakeboard.

At a national level, countries have national equivalents of IWWF who oversee all the disciplines and are affiliated to the IWWF.

If you are registered with your national federation they will be able to assist you in registering competitions. If you do not have a national federation please contact the CWWC directly.


All formats are possible if they are fair and safe, if you would like to use a different format to our normal one please contact your confederation council who will consider this for you.

Our normal format is as follows:

Riders will have a minimum of one run before the finals to determine their starting order for the finals however this will only be used when time is a constraint and all riders progress to the final.

Qualifications will consist of 2 runs, which will be scored separately, with the best run counting. For those riders who do not succeed in the qualifications, there will be a 1 run Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ) which gives the riders one last chance to get to the finals.

If there are enough riders and time there will be semi-finals in addition to the finals.

The finals and semi-finals will consist of two runs with the best run counting.

The starting order for the finals is based on the results from the Qualifications and LCQs, with the riders coming from the LCQs starting first and the best qualifiers starting last. Normally the second run in the finals will be based on the scores from the first run with the rider doing best starting last.


We run the following age categories in both wakeboard and wakeskate:

Under 11 (Mini Boys & Mini Girls)

Under 14 (Boys & Girls)

Under 18 (Junior Men & Junior Ladies)

Open Men & Open Ladies (No Restriction)

+30 (Masters Men & Masters Ladies)

+40 (Veterans Men & Veterans Ladies)

With the exception of Under 11’s These age limits are based on year of birth and not birthday. Please refer to the world rules for current cutoff years.

Riders may enter both wakeboard and wakeskate if the organiser is offering them, however they may not compete twice in either wakeboard or wakeskate. There is usually a reduced entry fee for starting in both.

It is possible to use Pro/Amateur/Rookie categories however we do not recommend it as from experience it creates a less satisfying competition for the riders. If these categories are used all riders will only receive ranking points in the open category with the first placed amateur being ranked under the last pro.


For all international events we require an English bulletin at the time of registration. For national events please refer to your national federation. This first bulletin must include the following basic information and we will use it when we publicise your event to our riders. If you want to publish further information please send us the updated bulletins.

  • Date of Competition
  • Organiser Contact Details
  • Cable Location, contact details and set up
  • Rules and Format (if any changes)
  • Prize Money
  • Categories
  • Entry Fees and Costs
  • Registration procedure and Deadline
  • Accommodation
  • How to get there (airports etc)
  • Provisional Schedule
  • Map/Description of the course including obstacle placements
  • Any other publicity information you want to provide

We are able to help you with this so please contact us.


The earlier you register your events the more chance you have of getting the weekend you request, also once you have registered your event we are able to contact the riders so that they can make travel arrangements. So it is in everyone’s interest to do this as soon as possible.

For final deadlines please see the Competition types tables above. Finally all obstacles must be in their final positions 14 days prior to the event.


We train all our officials at official seminars and they are able to judge to a high standard, as well as organise the event on the day from registration, to results delivery. Officials can receive qualifications from 1 to 6 stars to judge. For national competitions judges may be qualified up to 3 stars at a nationally registered seminar. For international competitions judges must have received their stars at an internationally registered seminar. Please contact us to organise judges for your international event or your national federation for national events.

Furthermore for 3 star or higher international events there must be a minimum of one foreign international judge.

It is a requirement to have first aid team on site at all competitions.

Please see the competition overview for further requirements.

What now?

Please contact us with any questions or to register a competition.

Download the competition registration forms:



Download the seminar registration form Seminar Contract 2023.