Riders Guide

Competition Types & Rankings

There are two main categories of competitions on Cablewakeboard.net, International and National. You will get world ranking points for all International Competitions you enter as well as your national Championships. Any national competitions you enter in your own country will count towards your national ranking but not your world ranking. Any national competitions you enter in another country or other national championships will not count towards either of your rankings.

Competitions are also ranked between 1 and 6 Stars with 6 star competitions receiving the most ranking points. To make it easier we have listed the maximum number of points you can get for each competition on the Comps & Events page.

Your world ranking consists of your best 6 performances in the last 12 months and can be found here.
Your National ranking consists of the above as well as any national competitions you have results for and can be found here.

Titled events can last for longer than 12 months if the have not been super ceded by a more recent championship. Please check the rules for more information.


You get two runs with no falls and no wild cards. The best run counts!
Riders are encouraged to perform a smooth flowing routine with a wide variety of tricks. Each maneuver should be executed as cleanly as possible and taken to its limit. Repetition of tricks is not allowed during one run (rider can repeat tricks from the first run in his second run).

Judges will evaluate each rider based on his overall impression of each run performed. The judges will score each rider in the following categories, with a single combined score from 0.1 to 100 points:

1. Technical performance
(Level and variety of tricks performed – what did the rider perform)

2. Impression
(Airtime, mastery, style and control of tricks = how did the rider perform)

For more information please see the CWWC rider’s guide and World Rules in the documents section here.


Riders will have a minimum of one run before the finals to determine their starting order for the finals however this will only be used when time is a constraint and all riders progress to the final.
Qualifications will consist of 2 runs which will be scored separately, with the best run counting. For those riders who do not succeed in the qualifications, there will be a 1 run Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ) which gives the riders one last chance to get to the finals.
If there are enough riders and time there will be semi-finals in addition to the finals.
The finals and semi-finals will consist of two runs with the best run counting.
The starting order for the finals is based on the results from the Qualifications and LCQs, with the riders coming from the LCQs starting first and the best qualifiers starting last. Normally the second run in the finals will be based on the scores from the first run with the rider doing best starting last.

Anti Doping

The IWWF and CWWC adhere to IOC guidelines and carry out both in and out of competition drug testing. For more information please visit the IWWF website here.

Registration for Competitions

To register for a competition please login to cablewakeboard.net and join the competion. Please also check that there are no other registration requirements with the organising federation or organiser. This can be checked in the competition bulletin.
How to register at cablewakeboard.net
How to join competitions.
If you have any problems please email info@cablewakeboard.net and please do not register multiple times as it may affect your rankings.