Nice kick-off for the European Open Championships in Whitemills

For the first time in two decades, IWWF Europe & Africa Cable Wakeboard, Wakeskate and Seated Open Championships are back in the United-Kingdom.

Indeed Whitemills Wake & Aqua Park are hosting this major event late June at their beautiful lake located in the South East of England with world-class features layout on which the best athletes in Europe can fully express their style and performance. Plus super welcoming staff, great facilities, a nice restaurant and a big area to park and camp over the week-end – no doubt these are really good selling points to get many spectators on the terrace to enjoy the show along the three days of competition.

Supported by a great team of officials led by Suzi Nightingale, local chairman of IWWF Cable Wake Council, Whitemills Wake Park provided everything the public and athletes need to experience the best weekend here in Sandwich Town. Starting on Thursday 27th with the Opening Ceremony and the traditional introduction and procession of each countries’ teams down to the cable park, the Europe & African Open Championships were launched the best way in the British sunshine.

Friday, day one, we saw all the 72 athletes quickly find their bearings on the amazing wake park set up of Whitemills : a short and intense cable park with the best pull to send big tricks high in the air. Big names favourites of the competition such as Elena Bodi, Claudia Pagnini, Julia Rick, Sanne Meijer or Telma Cester in Ladies, and such as Max Milde, Kieran Owens, Loic Deschaux or Maurizio Marassi in Men made it through to the next round avoiding the Last Chance Qualfication round.

Make sure to follow all the live action through the webcast on the IWWF Cable Wakeboard YouTube channel !

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