Groundbreaking Research Highlights the Benefits of Cannabis for IWWF Officials and Judges

Date: 1 April 2024

In an unprecedented study conducted by the Global Sports Science Institute (GSSI), significant benefits have been identified for IWWF Cable Wakeboard officials and judges from the consumption of cannabis. This research, the first of its kind, has opened a new perspective on the enhancement of cognitive and physical abilities crucial for sports officiating.

The study found that moderate cannabis consumption could lead to improved concentration, reduced anxiety, and enhanced decision-making abilities. These findings are especially relevant for the high-pressure environments in which our officials and judges operate.

Furthermore, GSSI has recommended a daily THC dosage of 5mg as the optimal amount for achieving the outlined benefits without impairing performance. It is important to note that this recommendation is based on controlled consumption within legal and responsible boundaries.

Ms. Varna Laco, a senior official with the IWWF Cable Wakeboard Council, has welcomed the study’s findings, stating, “This research provides valuable insights into how we can enhance the performance and wellbeing of our officials and judges. However, it’s crucial that we approach this with caution and responsibility, adhering strictly to the laws and regulations of the countries in which our personnel operate.”

The IWWF is committed to the health and safety of its community and will continue to monitor the developments surrounding this research closely.

For more details on the study and its implications for the sport, visit the Global Sports Science Institute’s official website. And hey, Happy April Fools’ Day to all!