Unfortunately our friends at Lakeside Paradise have received notice today 12.03.2020 from the Belgian Government that they have to close, and that all sporting events have to be cancelled until end April 2020. Obviously we are heart broken for them, as we know how much hard work has gone into organising the event, we hope that we will be able to reschedule later into the year.
We wish everyone good health, and hope for a quick resolution to the pandemic. Please stay safe.
Please see the government notice below(translated into English from Dutch)
At the end of last year, a new coronavirus (Covid-19) broke out in China. Meanwhile, the virus also reached our country. The Belgian health authorities are committed to protecting everyone’s health. In order to prevent the further infection of the coronavirus, the mayor decree now also prohibits all activities, indoor and outdoor events and worship services in the territory of Knokke-Heist until April 30, 2020. The city council will issue a special 0800 number as soon as possible. start up where everyone can go with specific questions. Below you will find a non-exhaustive overview of the main buildings that suspend their activities for the public in Knokke-Heist:

Cultural center – Café culture – Scharpoord library – MAAK
Swimming pool Sport oasis
Lakeside Paradise
Sports centers De Stormmeeuw – Laguna – Molenhoek
Youth club “t Verzet
Watersports Centers Surfers Paradise – RBSC – Riverwoods
Beverly Screens
Senior meeting centers De Vierbote, De St. Joris and Westpunt
Den Hoek Westkapelle Service Center
Beach bars
Water sports centers Surfers Paradise, RBSC Zoute and Duinbergen, Riverwoods
Zwin Nature Park

The following activities are also prohibited:

Worship services
Activities youth movement, sports clubs, socio-cultural associations, playground activities, Holiday Plus …

Funeral ceremonies in an intimate circle are still allowed.

Together against the corona virus

To inhibit the spread of the virus, everyone is advised to strictly apply hygiene measures. In addition to paying attention to your own health and personal hygiene, you can also apply various tips that limit your contact with others. In this way you relieve the work of doctors and hospitals and help protect vulnerable people. So everyone has a role in ensuring that the coronavirus spreads as little as possible.

You can apply the following measures to improve your personal hygiene:

1. Stay home if you are ill. Do not go to the emergency department of AZ Zeno, but contact your doctor.

2. Wash your hands regularly with soap and water.

3. Use a new tissue paper each time and dispose of it in a lockable trash can.

4. No handkerchief? Cough or sneeze into your elbow cavity.

Slow down the spread of the virus with these tips:

1. Avoid giving hands, kissing or hugging when you greet someone.

2. Be attentive to risk groups (persons over 65 years of age, diabetics, persons with heart, lung or kidney diseases, children younger than 6 months, pregnant women, persons with a weakened immune system,…)

3. Children do not get seriously ill from the coronavirus, but can spread it easily. Contact between children and the elderly is therefore not recommended.

4. Avoid contact with people who are visibly ill or keep a sufficient distance.

Recommendations for schools

Children can continue to go to school (if they are not sick). With these tips, schools can limit the spread of the virus:

· Postpone school parties, open days or parent contacts for the time being.

· It is strongly discouraged to go to places where there are many vulnerable persons.

One-day school trips can continue, especially outdoors. Multi-day school trips abroad are not recommended.

Recommendations for companies

Companies are recommended to limit the number of people in one room as much as possible:

· Give employees the opportunity to telework.

Postpone or organize meetings remotely, eg via video conference.

· Postpone staff or company parties for the time being.

· Keep your distance on the work floor.

If possible, allow flexible leave and extend flex hours if necessary. For example, fewer people are present on the work floor (and on public transport) at the same time.

· Training in large groups is not recommended.

More stringent measures for residential care centers

After consultation with the representatives of the Flemish residential care centers, it was decided that they close the doors for external visitors as standard. This measure applies provisionally until the end of the Easter holidays. In order not to disrupt the functioning of the residential care centers, an exception has been made for:

External health care providers
Registered caregivers and volunteers who perform essential ADL tasks (daily life activities)
Additional exceptions can be allowed by management and CRA (Coordinating and Consulting Physician) (e.g. for palliative patients)

This group that is allowed to enter will have to meet the same safety regulations as personnel.

Lakeside Paradise is the first cable park that is organizing a 4-star IWWF  Cablewakeboard and wakeskate event in Belgium.
The “Cold Water Classic” will be a phenomenal start of the wakeboard and wakeskate season.
Lakeside Paradise started in 2012 and has become one of the biggest cable parks in Belgium, they’ve got more than 15 obstacles so, eventually, you won’t have time to get cold. Lakeside is expecting to host an event that gives good vibes to riders and all the people that are enthusiastic about wakeboarding.
If you’re joining this great event but you don’t like cold water there is only one golden tip: Don’t crash!
More info here
Register here