Rules & Competition Documents


Download all important documents for running a competition - rules, guidelines and more... 

Cable Wakeboard World Rules 2017.pdf

 Cable Wakeboard World Rules 2016 (PDF, 550K)

 Cable Wakeboard World Rules 2016 marked with changes from 2015 

 CWWC Riders guide (PDF, 51K)

 CWWC Judges guide (PDF, 47K)

 CWWC Competition requirements (PDF, 90K)

 CWWC Wakeboard tricklist (PDF, 82K)

 CWWC Wakeskate tricklist (PDF, 89K)

 Competition dossier (Chief judge to submit after event) (PDF, 72K)

 CWWC liability form (PDF, 142K)

 CWWC liability form - under 18 (PDF, 231K)

 WADA IWWF Anti-Doping Agreement (PDF, 67K)

 Saftey Notice - Corrugated Pipes (PDF, 25K)

Don't forget to download the scoring program.
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