Scoring Program

Our scoring program makes it a breeze to run competitions. Starting with a download of riders from you can easily manage the riders throughout the competition.

Basic functions include managing heats, printing startlists, printing judge sheets and printing results. It is also really easy to connect these results with live, all you need is a basic internet connection.

Want to do something a bit more fancy? With a little bit of equipment and a good internet connection you can live stream the whole competition with TV titles. For more information on the most cost effective live stream in the sport please get in touch.

Below you can find the latest program files and guides. For information on scoring please attend a seminar.

  • Program (Program: Aug 2013 Utilities: April 2016 – thanks M.O.) – Password available on request
  • Manual

Other Files:

If you have any questions please contact


TO USE THE ONLINE SCORING PROGRAM please ensure that you notify the office when you register your competition of who your preferred scorer is, and they will be given access to the competition on  using their login information.