IWWF Cable Development Committee

The IWWF has created a Cableway Development Committee with the following members:

Uwe Goldstein
Chairman, Germany

Varna Laco

Franz Kuhn

Sherm Schraft

Jürgen Pitz

The principal aims of this Committee are: 
  • To promote and help establish the creation of cableways around the world
  • To assist in the development of  waterskiing and wakeboarding at cableways worldwide
  • To encourage cableway owners to be members of their national federation
  • To give advice for the creation of a national Waterski and Wakeboard Federation where there is no existing federation
  • To organize or to support the organization of national and international events.
  • To co-operate with the IWWF Cableski and Cable Wakeboard councils for promotion
  • To co-operate with the relevant IWWF Confederation and keep the President informed of new developments