World Cable Wakeboard Championships

Logan Park, Queensland 04/10/2003

Open Men Group B

Position Name Score Nationality

1WAYNE, Jack (83) 66.84Great Britain
2O'MEARA, Craig (10) 63.83Australia

3TUNNISSEN, Hardy (14) 55Germany
4TULLY, John (61) 53Great Britain
5VIDULICH, Nick (77) 47.56United States
6MAURER, Gerald (68) 36.83Austria
7VOGEL, Chad (57) 24.94Australia
8SATO, Yasumasa (23) 14.78Japan
9LANGLOS, Marc (33) 4.67France
Chief Judge: Nir Shinuk Chief Calculator: Stephan Freeman

Top 2 go through to the Final - everyone else goes through to the LCQ