Cable Wakeboard Open World Championships

Morelos Acuaski Action Park 10-11-2016

Open Men Qualification Group D Wakeboard

Pos Name Birth Nat J1 J2 J3 Run1 J1 J2 J3 Run2

1Dominik Gührs [114]1990GER67.0067.0067.0067.0082.0085.0082.0083.0077
2Scotty Wilkings [54]1992AUS62.0063.0063.0062.67---FRS3091
3Louis Mistaudy [62]1998FRA57.0057.0057.0057.00---FRS1105

4Miles Töller [75]1994GER35.0033.0035.0034.3355.0056.0056.0055.671005
5Robin Leonard Jensen [102]1986DEN40.0040.0040.0040.0045.0048.0046.0046.335045
6Angelo Louise Linao [90]1997PHL38.0035.0037.0036.67---FRS4459
7Ramon Fuentes [78]1995MEX25.0025.0025.0025.00---FRS9457
Chief Judge: Manuel Chief Calculator: Ferdie

Top 3 go to Semi-Finals, rest to LCQ.