European Championships

Fagersta 30-08-2013

Open Ladies Qualification Group B Wakeboard

Pos Name Birth Nat J1 J2 J3 Run1 J1 J2 J3 Run2

1Sanne Meijer [115]*1997NED74.0075.0075.0074.67---FRS1328
2Sophia Marie Reimers [76]*1992GER65.0064.0067.0065.3366.0066.0067.0066.33184

3Steph Caller [56]*1985GBR60.0058.0061.0059.6764.0061.0062.0062.33188
4Victoria Sosulina [147]*1985RUS23.0023.0022.0022.6750.0052.0050.0050.673544
5Emilia Lopinska [134]*1987POL35.0035.0035.0035.00---FRS1983
Chief Judge: George Newell Chief Calculator: Alex Koester

First 2 riders to the final, rest to LCQ.