European Championships

Fagersta 28-08-2013

Masters Men Qualification Group B Wakeboard

Pos Name Birth Nat J1 J2 J3 Run1 J1 J2 J3 Run2

1Alberto Della Beffa [106]*1980ITA60.0060.0058.0059.33---FRS127
2Andreas B÷ttcher [74]*1975GER19.0017.0020.0018.6758.0056.0055.0056.33374

3Vladimir Vorobiev [146]1979RUS50.0048.0049.0049.00---FRS4570
4Richie Murie [55]*1977GBR45.0044.0045.0044.67---FRS3423
5Roman Plaksin [145]1978RUS40.0040.0040.0040.00---FRS4529
6Marcus Stering [173]1981SWE38.0038.0038.0038.00---FRS3483
Chief Judge: George Newell Chief Calculator: Alex Koester

Top 2 riders to final, rest to LCQs.