CWWC Ranking and Tour with biggest cash prize ever

Who will dominate the IWSF Competitions and is going to be amongst the best ranked riders of 2009 to fight for a total prize money of 120.000 US Dollars?

CWWC World Ranking and Tour offer biggest Cash Prize in Cable Wakeboard history

Those questions will affect the community of Wakeboarders worldwide and the fight of the season 2009 can begin.
This year offers amazing opportunities for riders from all three regions with the new world ranking system by the CWWC (Cable Wakeboard World Council) and the CWWC Tour. 
For the very first time the CWWC World Ranking and the CWWC Tour will determine who will be fighting for cash.
To be the world's number 1, riders from across the globe need to compete on an international level more than ever.
The big challenge will be to get riders from Australia, Asia and the USA to compete against the Europeans, who will make up the majority.
The main goal of this new system is to have riders fairly compared, ranked and awarded across different competitions.
A noticeable difference to last year's ranking system is that points will be given in both the riders’ actual category according to the rules AND their respective category in which they competed. 
This delivers a more precise and accurate ranking because the actual achievements will be credited to the rider no matter in which category one chose to compete. The six best results will count for the overall ranking.
Points for the CWWC World Ranking by IWSF can be earned at many events such as the CWWC Tour, registered international competitions and the respective national championships. 
You can find a list with all relevant events and more information on the new rankings on 
Competitions will divided into categories and have a certain amount of maximum points for the ranking.
This makes planning the season easy and hard to miss an important competition. The first event to earn some ranking points is just around the corner with the Zrce Open at the cable Pag in Croatia on June 20th.
Especially for the Junior and Open category it is getting very interesting this season - besides medals and winning recognition by sponsors they will fight for the big money. More than 120.000 US Dollars will be rewarded across all the CWWC tour stops, the final tour winners and the best ranked rider of the year - this is the biggest cash prize in Cable Wakeboarding history and will make riders across the globe pack their bags to come to the cable paradise europe.
Riders from the regions AA and PANAM are invited to take part and join the fight for fame, cash and glory.
To compete at all these international events riders need to be member of a club authorized by their Federation to get a licence by the IWSF - This helps develop the sport globally.
Riders can join the competitions easily online on, have their profile displayed on every competition and will automatically included in the official world rankings.
This seasons highlights will definitely be the Midnight Sun Wake Festival at Wakepark Ukkohalla, Finland and the CWWC Tour Final at Sukay Park in Bursa, Turkey. Both events will be organized by the german agency ID-MA. 
In Finland, the European Cable Wakeboard and Wakeskate Championships will be accompanied by the 2nd CWWC Tour Stop which will guarantee a weekend full of top notch cable action.
The final tour stop in Bursa will be THE event when it comes to money. An amazing 100.000 US Dollars will be spread across the winners of this stop, the overall tour winners and the best ranked riders of the world.
This makes it really important for riders to take part at as many registered events as possible.
We can look forward to really great sport season and a winner that truly deserves the title of being the worlds true No. 1 Wakeboarder.

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