ECWC Report 2008

A busy year, newly elected team cut down from seven to five during the season, but we managed 6 judging seminars, the European Tour, World Championships in Russia and finally the EAME Championships in Turkey, probably the biggest and the best cable wakeboard event we've ever seen.
In March the newly formed CWWC Cable Wakeboard World Council was formed and we introduced new logos for the EAME and the World Council.
In April we relaunched, with a completely new database system with online competition and rankings management and comprehensive riders' profiles. It's still work in progress but we already have loads of data and to this date profiles of 657 riders from 29 countries worldwide.
Our partner agency ID+MA (EAME partner from 2005) again provided the excellent support and event organization Our big thanks to Andreas Boes, ID+MA manager, company Rixen, Franz Kuhn, Uwe Goldstein and all tireless volunteers who made our tasks successful and fun.
World Cable Wakeboard Championships 2008
The World championships in Anapa, Russia were arranged in a short notice with great effort and involvement of Franz Kuhn, Uwe Goldstein, ID+MA and Ski Rixen Vostok in Anapa, with the support of the Russian waterski federation. 
Thanks to everyone for making it happen. Of course, we were disappointed by only 12 countries and 45 participants, however, the best riders took part and it was a high level event. In the beginning the left foot forward cable was an issue, but riders were OK with it as soon as they had ridden the course.
The main issues for participation were difficulties with visas, expensive flights and the recent war in Georgia. Still, we find it unbelievable that in time like this we had no support from the two biggest cable wakeboard forces outside Europe – USA and Australia. 
For the first time live stream was introduced, with implemented riders' profiles and results on the screen. By starting project beginning 2008 a great deal of work was done and money spent, both by the EAME Council and ID+MA. Finally, it lead to this live stream. Clint Liddy and Jurij Pashinin did a wonderful job as commentators, entertaining numerous spectators at Anapa promenade in Russian, and riders, friends and the entire world on the live stream in English. Statistics will follow soon from ID+MA.
Mike Ketellapper (NED) Open Men
Maxine Sapulette (NED) Open Ladies
Moritz Petri (GER) Junior Men
Mayanka Jansen (NED) Junior Ladies
Frederic Von Osten (GER) Boys
Anna Laura Brabander (GER) Girls 
Sergey Ryazantsev (RUS) Masters Men  
All gold medals: 3 NED; 3 GER, 1 RUS.
Team winners were Germany and Netherlands with the 5040 points and an indecisive tie. Great Britain was third.
World Championships 2010 will be held in Neuebrandenburg, Germany. So far the trailer was released by the organizer.
EAME Cable Wakeboard Championships
were held in Bursa, Turkey with 100 riders from 15 countries. It was a great success. A high budget event supported by the city government, excellent organization and support for teams and guests. The official hotel. Celik Palace in Bursa with the historical Turkish bath was an absolute hit, we had immaculate shuttle service, catering at the event site, security... We had a first class event and the super finals with a professional livestream, 5 cameras around the lake. You can still watch the replay of the finals at 
We had a great time in Bursa, riders were treated like superstars and we're looking forward to the future events in Turkey.
Nick Davies (GBR) Open Men
Maxine Sapulette (NED) Open Ladies
Lewis Cornwall (GBR) Junior Men
Sophia Marie Reimers (GER) Junior Ladies
Connor Jones (GBR) Boys
Anna Laura Brabander (GER) Girls
Akos Hegedus (HUN) Mini Boys
Loic Le Bras (FRA) Masters Men
All gold medals: 3 GBR; 2 GER, 1 NED, 1 FRA.
Team winner was Great Britain, Germany was second and Netherlands third.
EAME Champs 2009 will be held in Ukkohalla, Finland. Big thanks to the cable park management , ID+MA Franz Kuhn and the Finnish Waterski Federation for their involvement.
11th European Cable Wakeboard Tour
The ECWT 2008 had 4 stops: 1. stop Milton Keynes, Great Britain; 2. Stop Belgrade, Serbia; 3. stop Marburg, Germany; 4. Stop Magdeburg, Germany. We had over 100 riders from 12 countries. 
Altogether a successful tour, more info, results, reports and photos at We had in total 106 riders from 10 countries, with 162 starts in Juniors, Open and Masters categories. The total prize money was 20.000 EUR for the tour stops and 4.050 EUR for the tour overall, where all organizers participated according to the number of riders.
The overall winners are: 
Rene Konrad (GER) Open Men
Maxine Sapulette (NED) Open Ladies
Stephan Kraus (GER) Junior Men
Ginger Pfennings (GER) Junior Ladies
Rens Cosijn (NED) Masters Men 
Judges and officials seminars
We had 6 seminars in EAME this season: in Heede and Marburg Germany, Milan Italy, Anapa Russia, Thorpe Great Britain and Bursa Turkey. We educated 60 national and international judges and scorers. Thanks to Tibor Althans for the time and effort instructing them all!
National championships
There were national champs in 15 countries: Austria, Croatia & Slovenia, France, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Slovak Republic, Spain, South Africa and Turkey.
EAME Cable Wakeboard Athletes of the year
Anna Laura Brabander (GER) – 2008 World and EAME champion in Girls category, and best ranked among all women categories in EAME. She's very young and enthusiastic, often competing against older girls and taking it easy, very popular in community. Setting the standards for girls, safely lands a blind judge at age 14 – respect!
Frederic von Osten (GER) – 2008 World champion in Boys category, 15 years of age, rides extraordinarily, has a number of various excellent tricks up the sleeve and some say Open Men are very happy Frederic rides against younger fellows. A crazy kid from Hamburg with a motto "no risk no fun", no wonder he had 2 big injuries this season.
EAME Cable Wakeboard Council 
Varna Laco – president
Lucien Gerkau - secretary 
-= The official website of the IWWF Cable Wakeboard World Council =-
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