Maxine gets her own J-Star Pro Series

The IWSF and WWA World Champion Maxine Sapulette from the Nehterlands is one of the first Europeans to get her own Pro Model.
A wakeboard and a vest with your own name… Which wakeboarder doesn’t dream about this? For some American and Australian riders this became reality already. But, in Europe none of the riders has his/her own name on a wakeboard and vest. Jobe and Jstar will change this by working together with current WWA world champion Maxine Sapulette. Maxine will get her own European Jstar Pro Wakeboard and her own Jobe Pro Vest. Maxine will be closely involved with the design of the products on which her name of course will be shown. The Maxine pro serie will be available from October 2009!
Maxine is, of course, extremely happy by getting her own Pro Serie. Maxine; “When I just started wakeboarding, this was my absolute goal. By achieving this goal already on an age of 18, this is so cool. Already from the beginning I have been sponsored by Jobe and Jstar. By getting an own Jobe Vest and Jstar board, this gives me a fantastic feeling! Super ‘kicke’, right!”
Also Jobe / Jstar is very happy with this (already signed) deal. “The contract which we have signed with Maxine, is truly exceptional in Europe. There is no other European rider who has got his / her own name on a board and vest. The fact that Maxine will become the first, has been deserved completely by herself” says Marketing Manager Henk van der Werf. “Maxine is tremendously stylish, ambitious, singular and distinctively! Her character matches the brand value of Jobe and Jstar perfectly. We are incredibly proud of this deal”.
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