First Wakeboarder in history of EAME Athlete of the year

At the 61st Congress meeting in Belgrade, Serbia,  the EAME Admincom announced to the congress that they had selected Nick Davies GBR as the EAME Male Athlete of the Year and Clementine Lucine FRA as the EAME Female Athlete of the Year. 

At the annual November meetings the councils for each discipline chose their male and female athletes of the year. 
You will remember that Nick Davies & Ginger Pfennings are EAME cable wakeboard rider of the year. Based on that, the admincom members vote to find the EAME Male & Female Athletes for the year from all councils

This year they chose from

  • Barefoot: no nominations this year

  • Cableski: Moshe Tzdaka (Israel) Olga Pavlova (Belarus)

  • Disabled: Eamon Prunty (Ireland) Jacky Stimpson(Great Britain)

  • Racing: Karl Brooks(Great Britain) Kim Lumley(Great Britain)

  • Tournament: Marco Riva( Italy) Clementine Lucine (France)

  • Wakeboard Boat: Dan Nott (Great Britain) Estelle Tuaz (France)

  • Wakeboard Cable: Nick Davies (Great Britain) Ginger Pfennings (Germany) 

It was a great day for us all as Nick is the first Cable Wakeboarder ever to
be honoured with this title.

The council cheered when we heard the result. 

Speaking for all of us - Well done Nick you have made us very proud!!!!





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