Peace one day - Ride 4 Peace

The initiation for this event is to collect the biggest sum of money, so we would be able to participate in good causes… for the first time we won’t watch for incomes, only will be searching for a good atmosphere to promote wakeboarding as a sport, brands and all of people who would like to join in the organization, that in the future we have more than one day of peace.

The house has to be built from the roots… the organization “Peace one day” is out, the day of peace exists, and the events like this could be one stair which will lead us under the roof, where all nations will gather into one, without fights and wars. It seams heavy, but I think we all can contribute for this cause. I am very inspired with this idea, because I think that on the water all people are the same, there are no differences in a color of the skin, under neoprene suit you can’t hear anything except whisper of the water… It is said, that on this world are still riders who aren’t able to compete on some competitions, cause of their nation they cant fly over some countries… and when I see something like this, my hart is in the pain, so at least what I can do is to try to make another step behind politics and Government. 

On 21st of Sep 2008 World day for Peace is celebrated. Wakeboard club Krk in association with is organizing charities on which we will collect money and transfer for the organization “Peace one day”. More about this you can see on this web address:

The event will last through all day where all who will want to learn wakeboarding, will have chance to train with the best Croatian wakeboarders, no matter if you want to make first lap or first invert.

The tickets will be sold under better conditions and all collected money will be transferred to the account of organization “One Day Peace”.

In the evening hours the lift will be closed for the public and instructors will have one hour to show what you can achieve in this sport if you love it, you train a lot and you are consistent.

On the end of the evening you will be able to watch one of the wakeboarding videos on the big screen.

After the video will end, we will have tombola… All visitors will have possibility to join in with buying coupons during whole day…. All collected money will be transferred on the account of organization “Peace one day”. Thanks to Drop In and Extreme shop for providing us few flip flops, boardshorts and t-shirts… Fox, Mada, Lost, Reef

Sponsors: Cable Krk,, Extreme shop i Drop in (Fox, Mada, Reef, Lost), Oakley, Red Bull...

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