New German Wakeboard Tour - Wake Masters





The Wake Masters will be a brandnew national tour in germany aiming at Pros, Amateurs and Newcomers. With 6 Stops all over Germany the organizing Agency BRAND GUIDES wants to reach a broad audience and attract the german wakeboard fans.
It's been some time since the last german tour took place but with over 70 cables in germany and a professional managment the WAKE MASTERS have a good chance to become a successfull and established eventseries like the GWT once was.
In cooperation with the DWWV (German Wakeboard Association) the competitions will stick to the Cable Wakeboard World Rules by the IWSF.
The Dates are as follows:
Hamburg  9. May
Alfsee Rieste 16. May
Körkwitz 13. June
Berlin Velten 11. July
Aschheim 8. August
Köln Brühl 22. August
For more information and online registering visit


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