European Championships 2011 - Riders' Representative Election

Riders Representative

It is time for the E&A Cable Wakeboard Council to welcome the new riders' representative on board. The mission of the riders' representative is to represent the views of the riders and make their voice heard within the Council. The term of the riders' representative is until the E&A Champs in two years. Although it is not a case with the Council members elected by E&A Congress, the riders' representative will have access to a budget to cover his/her expenses for meeting attendance to a certain extent.


The election of the riders' representative will take place during the riders meeting.
Only the riders competing at these European Championships and present at the riders meeting have the right to vote.

Any rider wishing to stand for the position will nominate him/herself at the time of registration. The nominees must:
• be over the age of 18
• have competed in the finals of at least two titled events in the past 4 years
• be present at the EC at the time of registrations and the riders meeting, but not necessarily as a competitor

After the registrations are closed on Wednesday evening, the list of nominees will be published on info boards at the cable, in the official hotel and at

The ballot paper will be handed out to all riders participating at the Championships and the riders meeting and must be submitted by the end of the rider’s meeting to the ballot box.

The results will be announced at the Opening Ceremony.
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