Wake the Skate - Int. Wakeskate only Contest

Wakeboard, Wakeskate, Obstacle, Invert, Heelflip?

Although Germany is the state with the highest rate of Waterski facilities, hardly
noone is able to deal with these terms once he does not live close to one.
While wakeboarding is getting more and more popular, wakeskating ist still
stuck in his “kiddiepants”. Compared to the amount of wakeskaters, being
residents at german waterski facilities, the number of wakeskaters is small.
The first german championship took place, 5 years ago, in Schwansdorf. Since
then, wakeskating, as a special part of watersports in general, has been growing
more and more popular.

By now, wakeskating is no longer just additional program during wakeboardingevents but grew it’s own championships, which are held all over the world.

So is this one… “Wake the Skate” is a 100% pure wakeskating event with an additional frameprogram that is one of a kind.

Additional to the Wakeskate-Challenge, where riders can win 2000 bucks, you
can show your potential during the “K-Swiss – Fly High Contest”, enjoy
beachsports or just what’s new out on the large commercial area.
Of Course, ladies and gentlemen are invited to celebrate, and we WILL

Transforming the beautiful ambience of Beach Club Nethen in a party hot spot,
there will be a main floor and an additional electric floor, so that all kinds and
flavours of music are present and represented. Check out special offers…
For the next morning, early birds get the special opportunity to be trained and
improved in riding (The coaching area will be opened for 2 hours and the cost is
40 bucks) by the german wakeskate elite.

Donload the first Bulletin: here

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