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ECWC Report 2008

A busy year, newly elected team cut down from seven to five during the season, but we managed 6 judging seminars, the European Tour, World Championships in Russia and finally the EAME Championships in Turkey, probably the biggest and the best cable wakeboard event we've ever seen.

NEW Brochure for promoting Cablewakeboarding

Hello Guys,

here you can find a brochure which should develop the sport and should help building cables:


Greeting Lucien Gerkau

Cable Wakeboard World Championships 2010

As you perhaps know, the World Championships Cable in Neubrandenburg is owned by Brita and Mike. They also own the cable in Deerfield Beach. We visited them during our World Champions Tour in the US.

Antalya Winterpackage & special offer

Getting bored of traveling to the Phillipines each year? Still searching for a nice location to spent some time during off-season for wakeboarding? The Hip-Notics cablepark in Antalya, Turkey has some special offers for you...

Peace one day - Ride 4 Peace

The initiation for this event is to collect the biggest sum of money, so we would be able to participate in good causes… for the first time we won’t watch for incomes, only will be searching for a good atmosphere to promote wakeboarding as a sport, brands and all of people who would like to join in the organization, that in the future we have more than one day of peace.

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