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Every year the European Cable Wakeboard Council (ECWC) organise the European Championships in Cable Wakeboard. Since 2009 also Cable Wakeskate is included as an official discipline at the European Championships. Here you can find the full lists of all European Championships in the history of Cable Wakeboarding with all Facts and Results: 

16th European Championships 2014
Ostroda, Poland

The 16th E&A Cable Wakeboard & Wakeskate Championships 2014 were held in Ostroda, Poland. 160 riders attended from 21 nations with German winning the team competition. Congratulations to Dominik Gührs (GER) & Julia Rick (GER) the Open Wakeboard champions and Moritz Thiele (GER) & Ori Boujo (ISR) the Wakeskate champions.

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IWWF Logo15th European Championships 2013
Fagersta, Sweden

The 15th European Cable Wakeboard & Wakeskate Championships 2013 are held in Fagersta, Sweden, located about two hours west of Stockholm. Fagersta is a small town with a population around 12 000 people. There will be lots of activities going on at the lake during the championship such as beach volleyball, sumo wrestling, skateboarding on the mini ramp, station, mini golf, waterslide, beach hang out, trampoline and much more. There are some fun restaurants where they have live bands playing at night and we will do everything to accommodate everyone during their stay in Fagersta!

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IWWF Logo14th European Championships 2012
Toulouse, France

In September September, Toulouse, France will host the largest ever Cable Wakeboard and Wakeskate European Championships.

The cable is situated on a popular lake and the crowds are sure to be large with spectators watching the fight to become the 2012 European champions.

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13th European Championships 2011
Belgrade, Serbia

A record of 156 athletes from 21 Countries took part in these 2011 Championships, with the largest numbers coming from Germany, France, Great Britain, Netherlands, Israel and Sweden. With separate categories for Boys, Girls, Junior Ladies, Junior Men, Open Ladies, Open Men, Master Men and Veterans, the Public enjoyed three full 12 hour days to satisfy the record number of Riders taking part.

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12th European Championships 2010   Izmit, Turkey

Already after the end of the Open categories' finals at 15:00 it’s pretty obvious that this European Championships exceeds all previous expectations. For the first time millions of people had the chance to follow such a tantalizing final live. 7 cameras made it possible to celebrate wakeboard at its finest here at the Gölkay Park.

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11th European Championships 2009 Ukkohalla, Finnland

Tight decision at the wakeboard European Championships in Finland. Favorites missed the titles at European Cable Wakeboard Championships.
Everybody already expected that we will see sport on a really high level here in Ukkohalla. Nevertheless it was impressive and nearly incredible what the riders showed on the second day of the European championship in Finland.

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10th European Championships 2008 Bursa, Turkey

The sun and the nice weather were definitively reward for the perfect Turkish organization. It was a final day, where the Özdilek Cable Wakeboard European Championships got the rest of the results.

The most difficult categories to predict were as always Open categories, men and women. But Maxine surprised everybody, showing her 2nd run, when she was already set up for the first place on the podium. Her team rider, Mike Ketellapper, this time missed the podium, in a first run falling on the end with toeside 7 and in a second, on the beginning of the run, he missed S-mobe. 

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9th European Championships 2007 Almere, Netherlands

It was more then a successful weekend at the Cable Wakeboard European Championships at the Lido of Almere (Netherlands). The sun was shining bright and 118 riders from 15 countries really enjoyed this competition. Spectacular action was brought to more than 8000 spectators from the riders of each category.

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8th European Championships 2006 Berlin Großbeeren, Germany

Open Men - Nick Davies (GBR)
Open Ladies - Kinga Horvath (HUN)
Junior Men - Mike Ketellapper (NED)
Junior Ladies - Mona Stenzel (GER)
Boys - Ben Cordery (GBR)
Girls - Maxine Sapulette (NED)
Masters Men - Vukasin Cupic (SER)
Team - 1st Great Britain, 2nd Germany, 3rd Netherlands, then ISR, SER, HUN, FRA, BUL, CRO, AUT, ITA, SLO

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7th European Championships 2005 Alfsee, Germany

Open Men – Lior Sofer (ISR)
Open Ladies – Kirsten Leifels (GER)
Junior Men – Nick Davies (GBR)
Junior Ladies – Paula Dyrschka (GER)
Boys – Dominik Guehrs (GER)
Girls – Mayanka Jansen (NED)

Team – 1st German, 2nd Great Britain, 3rd Israel, then NED, HUN, CRO, SER, AUT, FRA, SLO, SUI

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6th European Championships 2004 Feldkrichen, Austria

Open Men – Bernhard Hinterberger (GER)
Open Ladies – Denise de Haan (NED)
Junior Men – Tom Watson (GBR)

Master Men – Czaba Eckes (HUN)
Boys – James Young – (GBR)

Team: 1st Great Britain, 2nd Germany, 3rd Hungary, then NED, AUT, ISR, BUL, SVK, CRO, SLO 

5th European Championships 2003
Piestany, Slovak Republic

Open Men – Martjin Nuis (NED)
Open Ladies – Eva Koch (GER)
Junior Men – Tom Watson (GBR)
Junior Ladies – Paula Dyrschka (GER)
Masters Men – Chris Potts (GBR)

Team – 1st Germany, 2nd Great Britain, 3rd Austria

4th European Championships 2002
Budapest, Hungary

Open Men – Bernhard Hinterberger (GER)

Open Ladies – Eva Koch (GER)

Junior Men – Björn Seidler (GER)
Junior Ladies – Denise de Haan (NED)
Masters Men – Chris Potts (GBR)
Boys – Steffen Vollert (GER)

Girls – Dora Kaposi (HUN)
Team – 1st Germany, 2nd Hungary, 3rd Netherlands

3rd European Championships 2001
Vienna, Austria

Open Men – Bernhard Hinterberger (GER)

Open Ladies – Sabine Schmitt (GER)
Junior Men – Ben Hitch (GBR)
Masters Men – Chris Carmichael (GBR)
Team – 1st Germany and Great Britain, 3rd South Africa

2nd European Championships 2000
London, Great Britain

Open Men – Bernhard Hinterberger (GER)
Open Ladies – Sabine Schmitt (GER)

Team – 1st Germany, 2nd Great Britain, 3rd Austria, then RSA, HUN, NED

(6 countries, 30 men, 10 women)

1st European Championships 1999
Langenfeld, Germany

Open Men – Bernhard Hinterberger (GER)

Open Ladies – Sabine Schmitt (GER)
Team – 1st Germany, 2nd Austria, 3rd Netherlands, then UK, RSA, FRA, ISR
(7 countries, 37 men, 6 women)

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